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  1. Leave it to a dog to hear the lyrics all wrong! BOL!


  2. elyancardigans

    It’s always a good day when I catch a post from you. Sundays are for relaxing!

  3. Yep, definitely a strange awards and meme show. Someone please take those headphones away from Dennis. We don’t think he really needs them. He already has a one-track mind and hears things the rest of us don’t.

  4. You guys need a big star host for an awards and meme show. I have been trying to help you and think I have the answer. An Elvis impersonator who lives in Sandy Eggo. Could be your neighbor for all you know. Here is where you find him/her

    Looking forward to the next big Awards show (need some awards too?)

    Your pal, Stella

  5. Poor Dennis – has no idea everyone’s talking about him. They are all just jealous that they don’t have headphones too.

  6. Dennis! Remove the buds from your ears. Everybody is laughing at you. Oh, hay! Now you have me humming that dumb song “little boy poo and the man whose a moon…”

  7. I sense someone’s iPhone about to be taken away! Don’t listen to the voices, Dennis!

  8. Super cute post, I needed a good laugh! :) I am a big dog lover and have two dogs of my own, Zeus and Lucky. They are so funny, loving, and snuggly! I love them with all of my heart and soul! My name is Melissa Crowley and I am on a mission to save my favorite dog! I have started a blog for my Rottweiler Zeus called Saving Zeus. He has a rare genetic disorder and we are trying to raise funds for the medical tests and treatment that he desperately needs. Also on my blog, I have funny stories and really cute photos of both of my boys. If you would like to make a donation or share our blog to help us save Zeus, or would just like a laugh after reading a funny story, visit my page. Since I am just getting started on my blog, there will be many more stories to come so check back every once in a while!

  9. Dennis- Even my mom knows that little earbuds are more in than those big things. Maggie the Vizsla

  10. We like the idea of an Elvis host but we think a cat or three might be in a better position to help. This is a hint!

  11. Funny that toot was pretty neon! Did I hear Elvis is showing up Sunday?

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