aspirayshuns ar not always a gud thing

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i hav always herd that aspirayshuns ar a gud thing but apparently that is not always troo becuz my brother tucker has had aspirayshuns into both his lungs and now has wot they kall aspirayshun noomonya plus in the prosess of figgering that owt they hav also fownd that he has two smal nodjools in wun of his lungs!!! he is in the hospital gitting more tests dun and mama and dada ar trying to figger owt wot there nekst moov shud be in the jenga puzzel wot is tucker but ennyway tucker cud reely yooze sum tail wags rite now i think!!! ok bye

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  1. Poor Tucker. He has really been put through the wringer for a while. One health problem after another. Sure hope he will be okay! Sending lots of purrs and tail wags for him.

  2. OMG!!! We are sending strong prayers to Tucker and your momma and dada. Hugs to all of you. I hope Tucker gets better quick, this is scary stuff.

  3. Paws crossed and tails wagging for Tucker. Take care of your Momma and Dada, Dennis – they are going to need lots of extra snuggles.

    -Fiona and Family

  4. Tucker – you know you have lots and lots of paws crossed here from The Herd. We hope you get better quick.

  5. We are sending all of our love

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Paws crossed for Tucker. Get well soon!

    Sam and Pippen

  7. We have all our paws crossed for Tucker!


  8. Awww. Lots of tail wags and positive vibes being sent Tucker’s way!

  9. Frankie and Ernie

    OH NO… Dennis we are sending TUCKER our TAIL WAGS and STRONG Dachshund VIBES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fur him to get well and stay well.

  10. Our paws are crossed for you, Tucker!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. We are thinking of you, Tucker, and crossing all our paws.

  12. Hey Dennis! Me, my Mom and Zkhat will get busy and make some prays for Tucker to get well. That has been known to work!

    Good wishes to you and your whole family!

    Jo, Stella and the Zkhat

  13. Dexter is wagging his tail so hard for you that I could use it as a fan! Jersey is wagging her tail too, just not as hard since she is a lazy princess. Get better soon, Tuck Tuck. We are all sending lots of get well vibes thru the interwebs.

  14. We are sending you lots of love and hugs and prayers, dear Tucker!


  15. We have 4 wagging tales and 16 paws crossed for Tucker, not counting the cat.

  16. All paws crossed here for Tucker. Thunder had some of those aspirations today too – not fun.

  17. Keeping everything crossed for him! Please keep us updated on how he gets on!

  18. Wagging a tail for Tucker. The spirit of Maggie the Vizsla.

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